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Tax is an actual charge levied by the government against the taxpayers, who are often individuals or businesses in a given country. They are used by the government to fund a wide range of expenses on behalf of the general public. Aside from that, most nations have a system of taxes to pay for traditional resources and government structures that are necessary to meet national requirements.

Furthermore, it is important to note that taxes are beneficial to the economy. It is essential for every individual or business to pay tax as it leads to an increase in the economic functions of a country.

According to the common perception of people in Pakistan, tax is a weight on the shoulders of the taxpayers. However, a high-quality tax compliance service will reduce tax risks, allowing all concerns to be addressed on a temporary basis rather than permanently.

As a result, Stake-Ville Pvt Ltd is here for you and your business. Taxation might appear to be a burden to a business/individual, which is why we provide Tax Advisory & Compliance Services. In the same way, when it comes to the structure of a firm, we employ our expertise and experience to ensure tax efficiency.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable tax consultant in Pakistan who can guide, manage, and execute processes efficiently, then you are at the right place.

Tax Filing – FBR IRIS

Our range of services includes:

  1. Income Tax Consultancy Services
  2. Assistance in Issuance of National Tax Number (NTN) for the clients.
  3. Assistance in Issuance of Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN) of the clients.
  4. Monthly and Annual Statements filing of Income Tax and Sales Tax Return.
  5. Advisory on day-to-day tax issues faced by the clients.
  6. Assistance in going through Audit conducted by FBR.
  7. Filing of Appeals of Income Tax at all levels.

All of the above, StakeVille also continues to create a strengthening network in the future for making our international public completely aware of taxes, tax laws, and will understand the significance of abiding by these laws, making the International corporate sector completely transparent and listed. We provide the most transparent tax filing services in USA, UK for our international corporate clients.

Company Registration (Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan-SECP)

What is the role of SECP in Pakistan?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP) of Pakistan is the Government body responsible for the registration of all types of companies in Pakistan. The officer responsible for the handling of registration of companies matters in the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) is called the registrar of companies.

Different Forms of Private Limited Companies In Pakistan:

Currently, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), allow two forms of Private Limited Companies Registration:

  1. Single Member Private Limited Company: Can be Registered with only 1 Director.
  2. Private Limited Company: Minimum of Two Directors are required.

Why it is important to get your Business Registered with SECP?

  • Getting the company registered makes a big difference to the business in the form of trust and interest from other people to work with you.
  • A Private Limited Company or any form of company in Pakistan is registered as per the requirements stated in the Companies Ordinance, 1984
  • It helps in minimization of business risk
  • The tax burden on Private Limited companies is less, compared to individuals in Pakistan. Because if a business is registered as a Private Limited Company in Pakistan, then the taxes are paid only on the earnings or net profit of the business. Whereas a normal taxpayer will pay income tax on income and not on profits.

Stakeville Offers Company Registration (with SECP) all over Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

So, contact now and get yourself registered with SECP

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