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Financial Services

Our Aim

StakeVille will continue to establish relationships with numerous individuals and businesses, and thus continue to create a strengthening network of StakeVille for the future in making our International as well as local clients completely aware of bookkeeping, company’s financials, taxes, tax laws, and will understand the significance of abiding by these laws, making the corporate clients completely transparent and listed.

In our experience, we've found that incredible companies with amazing visions are unable to scale because they lack a good handle on their finances. We strongly believe that if you don't know your numbers, you don't know your business. Translating a company's vision into numbers is what we do best.

Accounts Management

Accounts management is a very crucial and important part of any business. New startups and organizations find it difficult to maintain their accounting records thus resulting in poor decision making. StakeVille provides a complete set of books management services both individually and a collective package.

Filing and Registration

Along with the books management, financial analysis, planning and development. We specialize in providing filing and registration services, such as incorporation of Companies, AOPs, Income Tax Returns Filing, GST Registration, NTN inquiry & registration. Providing you with the most transparent and detailed services, giving us the financial edge in our services.

About us

There’s a saying that the best ideas and solutions come in the moment of crisis. While the whole world was battling with the biggest pandemic in 2020, we set the foundations of not just a company... read more

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